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Jon Yildiz Joins Walk West as Director of Growth

Jon Yildiz Joins Walk West as Director of Growth

Do you ever look back at your life, and evaluate how some of your decisions affected you? Do you ever get the feeling that in the long term, choices you made based on a gut instinct or feeling actually fared better than those you made based on a long, logical, list-the-pros-and-cons type process of decision making?

It doesn’t matter.

For me,  joining Walk West was one of those great decisions where my gut and my brain said the same thing. (Sorry for leading you on with that first paragraph there.)

Before I joined Walk West, I had a considerable number of conversations with six of their leaders. My gut said – I like these conversations. I like these people, all of them. My brain agreed – just look at their resumes.

I looked at their body of work. My gut loved the graphics and design. My brain loved their extensive list of big, repeat customers who loved the graphics and design.

I quizzed them about themselves. They all said very similar, but specific things. My brain loved the consistency. My instincts told me this would be an environment with no credit-grabbing or blaming. That these were a bunch of passionate, assertive, and opinionated people who were obsessed about getting the best results and had no problem being humbled and changed by facts.

You get the picture.

And one more thing.

Walk West is a successful agency with a stellar reputation and tons of repeat customers. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is their consistent vision on what and where they want to be. I define myself by progress. I define myself by my passion to get somewhere. So does Walk West.

And may we forever progress and never actually get there.

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