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Infographic: Raleigh's Best Craft Brewery

Infographic: Raleigh's Best Craft Brewery

It’s no secret that we love Raleigh. What’s not to love? Our booming city has brought opportunity and leisure in a decidedly authentic way. Craft breweries have become the hot ticket in town with seasoned hop masters dotting the streets with high-quality craft beers. With a selection as wide as your taste can get, there’s no reason to look any further than the four corners of Raleigh to find your next brew.

So we decided to put together a poll to get your input. What’s your favorite Raleigh brewery? And of those breweries, what’s your favorite craft beer selection. The data is below. If we missed one that deserves recognition, let us know and hit us up in the comments.

Raleigh Craft Beer Infographic

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