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Huffington Post Features #XMAS Jammies Video

Huffington Post Features #XMAS Jammies Video

‘Christmas Jammies’ Rockets Holderness Family to Viral Video Fame

The Huffington Post  |  By  | Posted: 12/15/2013 4:01 pm EST

In the age of Twitter and Facebook, it’s easy for the annual Christmas card to feel a bit dated.

The Holderness family of Raleigh, NC, appears to have turned convention on its head with their card — a now hugely viral video called Christmas Jammies, or more appropriately 2013, #XMAS JAMMIES.

Set to Will Smith’s “Miami” (warning: it will get stuck in your head), “Christmas Jammies” includes standard Christmas card fare — announcements about each family member’s individual accomplishments, including (surprise!) mom and dad’s new marketing and media company. Penn used to work as an anchor for WNCN (he announces he’s quitting mid-video, shortly after rapping about his vasectomy); meanwhile, Kim has experience in the entertainment industry.

So, yes, it is ultimately, a clear publicity stunt, albeit an effective one with very high production quality.

Since going viral, the video has been touted around the web as well as on Good Morning America and Fox and Friends. All of this web success, however, comes in the midst of a literal viral storm at home. Dad says on his blog that Kim and their daughter, Lola, have an actual stomach virus that is sort of keeping them from fully embracing the moment.

Hope you feel better soon Holdernesses — and enjoy the time in your jammies too!

Courtesy of the Huffington Post

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