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HubSpot #INBOUND15 Day 1 Recap

HubSpot #INBOUND15 Day 1 Recap

O3 is well represented at INBOUND15 in Boston, this year’s HubSpot conference, with Brian Onorio and Jennifer Hoverstad attending the keynotes and events.

Day 1 was largely a travel day with a keynote headlined by bestselling author and renowned marketer, Seth Godin going live at 6PM. But first, Boston had to be explored. A quick afternoon trip landed us at the Boston Sail Club for a cup of chowder and a pint.

After a satisfying, but rather filling lunch, we headed towards the convention center for check-in and getting a feel for what the conference had in store. Club INBOUND serves as the typical convention hall with exhibitors all around from an O3 favorite SEMRush to Freshbooks and a bevy of other SaaS representatives. The production quality behind the decor was impressive.

The headlining keynote this evening was served by Seth Godin who, if you’ve read any of his books, is as dynamic on stage as the content he serves. A few main points from Seth during his hour-long event:

  • Organizations large and small are obsessed with authority. “If only more authority” is the typical line given when faced with a problem. No one gives authority to create. You can take it. But with that authority comes responsibility. And you must take that too.
  • “I’m going to do this” comes with that responsibility that must also be taken. What’s next must be well understood.
  • Always understand that “it will work” and “it will not work” are viable options. Only the fool assumes it will always work.
  • A poll was commissioned asking young people if they would rather be an industry leader, the CEO of a large company, a United States Senator, a University President, or an assistant to a singer or celebrity. 43% of those polled chose the assistant route. Why? Because they get to brag about their celebrity status and proximity to a celebrity without the responsibility of fulfilling the requirements.
  • Quality assumes adherence to specifications. Nothing more. Meetings, however, muddle the specifications and create consensus. This ultimately destroys products and ideas.
  • You don’t become a Shake Shack by becoming a McDonalds McCheaper.

You can view the post Day 1 Periscope featuring Brian and Jennifer here.

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