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Harmonious Websites With APIs

Harmonious Websites With APIs

We get quite a bit of traffic to our website and a good amount of those visitors use either our Contact Form or our Quote Request Form. We use the stellar plugin GravityForms to produce those forms and all user interactions are stored inside of WordPress. We also get email notifications every time a user submits either of those forms. This does a decent job of getting user feedback to us but doesn’t do the whole job that you really need that a traditional customer relationship manager (CRM) provides.

We’ve been big fans of the Nutshell CRM and use it daily. It helps our team track correspondence between us and prospects and helps us nurture leads up and until they convert into clients. In the past, we would transcribe all user details submitted via forms into Nutshell. This became laborious and not all information would eventually make it into Nutshell for a variety of reasons. Having our website talk directly to Nutshell would be a big improvement. Nutshell does provide a decent API but time for doing internal things is quickly outweighed by the necessity to execute on client projects.

Enter Zapier. Zapier is a great tool that allows you to quickly and easily establish a connection between two services without the need for 3rd party APIs. We quickly created a “Zap” that connected GravityForms with Nutshell. When a user submits a form on our site, Zapier works its magic and sends the data to Nutshell automatically creating customer records for us quickly and easily reference. All of the native GravityForms and Nutshell functions work as they always have except now we get rid of the extra task of transcribing data from one platform to the next. It’s a real time saver for us and you should check it out if you have similar issues.

Need help integrating Zapier into your website? Let us know how we can help.

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