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Paying Your Dues and Other Real World Lies

Paying Your Dues and Other Real World Lies

“I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.” – Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

This isn’t only a quote from one of my favorite comedies, but also precisely how I felt when I got my official offer for Content Specialist at Walk West, (formerly Greenroom Communications), a digital marketing agency in Raleigh, NC. Exciting news, as I no longer had to spend hours sending out (what felt like) thousands of resumes and never hearing anything back. Even more exciting news, I found working my first job with 9-to-5 hours isn’t this life suck that is only existent to pay the bills as some make it out to be. Especially at Walk West (formerly Greenroom).

I have been told I would have to get used to wearing a pantsuit. I have been told entry-level jobs are for “paying your dues” during the first year or two in a company. And maybe the most disheartening, I have also been told to drop the Anchorman references as they aren’t suitable for the professional world. People who told me these things were just trying to help out a recent college grad prepare for the future. However, no offense to them, it wasn’t exactly the greatest advice.

I (thankfully) haven’t worn a pantsuit since my interview, and my Anchorman references are welcomed, if not encouraged.

First Job Out of College Confusion

“Paying your dues” with the attitude of “Well, I have to start somewhere” plainly just doesn’t exist at Walk West (formerly Greenroom). Sometimes it’s required to spend a couple of hours replacing broken links on a website for the greater good or run and get coffee on an afternoon for the office. That said, no one role is required to do all these things and no role is exempt from them either, which makes for a happy, well-rounded office.

I haven’t slaved away at a first job most recent college grads fear. Transitioning from college to a full-time job was an adjustment. But it was one that came with (award-winning) video shoots, volunteering at our local Soup Kitchen, improv sessions, leaving my comfort zone, and learning something from everyone about every role. The whole point of being the new kid isn’t only putting existing talents and passions to work, but learning from more experienced co-workers along the way. And in Walk West’s (formerly Greenroom) case, co-workers also pair as mentors, creativity boosters, and all around great people to work with.

First Job Out of College Emotions

Reach out and tell us, what was your first job like? Crazy micromanaging bosses? Lucky enough to land your ideal job on your first try? Start as the corporate coffee delivery service when you thought you were landing your ideal job on your first try?

Don’t be shy. We love hearing stories just as much as we love telling them.

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