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Corporate Video

Corporate Video

We live in a fast-paced, visual world where people demand constant entertainment and instant gratification. If your message fails to be communicated in a quick and powerful way, it is lost. Capture your customers now and replace those endless pages of text with the power of a Walk West (formerly Greenroom Communications) video production!

60 Seconds to More Sales

Add an On-line Video to  Your Website

If your organization is looking to create customer loyalty or generate new clients, it’s time to turn your viewers into buyers with a Walk West (formerly Greenroom Communications) promotional video.

Put an web video on your site and research shows that 21% of your consumers will make a purchase after watching it.   Put an online video on sites like YouTube, Ustream, and and 26% of viewers will visit your site after watching it.

Add Web Video To Your Website Today

  • ~Online video can increase sales conversion by 21%
  • ~Web video delivers enjoyable, online user experience
  • ~Online video increases website engagement by six times
  • ~Web video improves response rates to a purchase by five times
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