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Confessions of a Digital Marketer

Confessions of a Digital Marketer

As I sat at the kitchen counter sipping my pumpkin spiced morning fuel, I realized that 40 minutes had passed.  What was I doing?  Reading the newspaper.

That’s right, the newspaper – the actual paper version.  Whether it’s out of guilt or obligation, I recently started getting the daily paper again.  First of all, I love reading and I’m going to get my news from some content source.  But here’s where the obligation comes into play.  My husband works in the paper industry.  We secretly stopped getting the daily paper a few years ago since most of it ended up unread and in a growing pile on the ever cluttered kitchen counter.  So whenever the News & Observer’s dutiful sales people called the house to offer yet another great deal, I would say no and chalk it up to the paper being a dinosaur.  After all, I’m a digital marketer.  Everything I need is on line.

For some reason this summer, one of those regular sales calls got me.  I decided to support my hubby’s dwindling industry and the local paper.  Now, I’ve settled into a routine of coffee and paper each morning.  There is something about holding the paper.  Maybe it reminds me of my father and his endless thirst for news.  Not sure, but regardless, I like it.

So here I am on my computer writing about the newspaper that I have fallen back in love with again.  Is there room for this in our modern, tech savvy world where everything is one download away on your cell phone?  Sure.

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