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Can Someone Please Explain What Nano-Influencers Are (and Why They Matter)?

Can Someone Please Explain What Nano-Influencers Are (and Why They Matter)?

We know you’ve heard of influencers, but do you know the different types? 

Defined as an individual who creates original content, an influencer speaks to a targeted audience on social media to drive engagement. And while we often think of macro-influencers like Kim Kardashian – or even Walk West’s own Kim and Penn Holderness – you may be overlooking another key social media player. Meet the Nano-Influencer. 

What The H*** is a Nano-Influencer?

Illustration of macro, micro, and nano followers. Macro have 1 million+ followers, micro have 500k-50k followers, and nano have under 10k followers.

Nano-influencers are influencers with under 10k followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Whether classic cars, local artists, or vegan recipes, nano-influencers are wildly passionate about – and connected to – their niche. They are highly specialized in their interests and curate their feeds accordingly. Spend time on a nano-influencer’s social media, and you’ll quickly feel like you’re chatting with a friend. They’re relatable, genuine, and approachable. While their photos might not always be perfect or their hashtags always branded, nano-influencers are unapologetically human. Which is why they matter. 

Wait – Why Do Nano-Influencers Matter?

In 2019, Instagram announced it would be reviewing and possibly removing Likes. Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook will likewise (puns!) consider following suit. While the change may be gradual, the implication is the same – metrics that many influencers use to measure a post’s success is shifting. It’s no longer just about the number of likes a post receives, it’s about whether that post reaches the right people and drives engagement.

How Can Nano-Influencers Help Me?

91% of people trust online recommendations as much as peer reviews. 50% of people prefer user generated content over traditional marketing. 67% of marketers believe influencer marketing helps them reach a more targeted audience.

Nano-influencers are the perfect way to reach a niched audience. Neilsen Consumer studies show that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from a person over brand content. Followers trust nano-influencers. Forging the right partnership with them – or any influencer – can lead to long-term, reoccurring content that introduces your brand to a new audience. This can be done in the form of takeovers (influencer posts on your feed) or sponsored posts/content (influencer posts on their feed). 

How Do I Partner with a Nano-Influencer?

Step one research, step two budget, step three plan and step four connect.

There are a couple of options. One, you can research, strategize, budget, partner, launch, and monitor your own nano-influencer campaign. If you go this route, please make sure to think about it holistically and always adhere to FTC guidelines. Or, you can give us a ring and we can help. (Insert shameless plug here). Either way – whether macro, micro, or nano – it is imperative that an influencer campaign aligns with your brand, feels thoughtful in nature, and speaks to the right people. 

Takeaway: According to AdWeek, “a brand’s organic social content has a 2 – 4% reach on social media”. Shifting algorithms increase the need for creative social strategies – such as influencers –  to help your content go further. 

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