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Breaking News... But The Good Kind. Really.

Breaking News... But The Good Kind. Really.

As a former TV journalist, I had to say “breaking news” fairly often and it usually involved weather, a controversial politician or a crime scene. I’m relieved and thrilled to say that the “breaking news” I share today is totally positive:  

“Greenroom has merged with Walk West, a Raleigh-based, digital first, award winning agency.”

It’s just like getting married… sort of.

When I started Greenroom Communications with business partner Kim Holderness in 2008, we imagined staying the course with our little company doing media training and video work for years to come. Then, XMAS Jammies happened in 2013 when Kim’s husband Penn joined Greenroom. We grew very quickly, from two and a half employees to 11 in less than a year. For the next three years we added new clients and worked feverishly on all the exciting and creative work we were doing. Like many small businesses, scaling up to meet client needs can get dicey at times. We would hire freelancers for bigger projects so we could achieve great results. Along the way, we met Brian Onorio at what was O3 Creative at the time. For a year and a half, we “dated” Brian’s team and realized how well our various service offerings complemented each other.

Making it official

For us, it just made sense, both business-wise and culturally, for Greenroom and Walk West to join forces. When you look at a Venn diagram of what our firms offer, there is just a tiny space of overlap. Our puzzle pieces come together to form a 21st century, digital marketing agency that delivers amazing work for our clients. I’m so excited to kick off 2017 as a partner and Vice President of Professional Development at Walk West. Take a look around our updated website to see all the cool stuff we do together, now as one, big family.

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