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Becoming Walk West

Becoming Walk West

Today, O3 reaches a major milestone. On our 9th anniversary, we’re happy to debut our new brand, Walk West while sunsetting O3, a brand that you may already be familiar. The journey to creating this new brand has been a year in the making and has come with it the trials and tribulations of scrapping 9-years and out of that tremendous history, creating something that will carry our company forward into new and exciting markets.

So Why The Change?

The simple answer is that we were unable to obtain a trademark for our previous name which brought about some risk to our company, but the more accurate answer is much more involved.

Rather than a wholly different company, Walk West is more along the lines of the “new look, same great taste” packaging you may see on your next bag of Lays Potato Chips. Indeed, Walk West is still incredibly astute at our traditional services that O3 has offered for years: website design and development, SEO, and social media. But Walk West now has some additional service offerings that we’re debuting along with our new brand which marks the beginning of our transition into a fully integrated marketing company.

I’m also pleased to announce that we have completed a merger with a government and public affairs firm headed by Laurie Onorio that will officially become a part of Walk West. What Laurie and her team brings to the table is a decade of experience around North Carolina and the North Carolina General Assembly. Walk West’s digital first focus will complement Laurie and her team as we apply the principles of online outreach into a new market segment. These principles, at their core, are the same as the mantra that O3 has lived by now for close to 10 years; What we do every day is influence action whether that’s a purchase, a download, a subscription, or public opinion and votes.

The Walk West brand symbolizes our shift away from simple digital tactical execution. Our agency is now full service where we continue to exercise sound tactics but doing so with a comprehensive plan behind it. We have a deep commitment to developing and understanding our clients’ goals from a marketing or legislative angle while applying our wide array of experience to influence key audiences into action.

Walk West isn’t as much of a sunset of O3 as it is a doubling down and expanding what and how we deliver for our clients. Our goal hasn’t changed with each of our projects: we believe we can change the way you do business. Bold statement, but that’s what we do every day.

Now a team of 20 deeply talented individuals, Walk West is the culmination of a decade of growth and this brand is yet another example of the type of transition that our agency is capable of.

What’s In A Name?

Walk West uses an active tense to describe perfectly what we do. What does it mean to walk west? Visions of early European settlers braving the Atlantic for the promise of a New World come to mind. Or the American pioneers who dared to wonder what was over those hills. Walk West symbolizes to us a different way of doing business. Going beyond the normal, going beyond the expected, going beyond conventional wisdom. Our agency is deeply rooted in these principles of bravely taking on daunting tasks and thinking about them differently. It’s about what’s next.

So walk with us.

It’s time to go a different direction. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to choose a new path.

From the crew at Walk West, we’re excited and united about this new brand and what it means both for us and for those we serve. It is indeed bittersweet to see the brand that I personally created in 2007, at the age of 24, now being placed in the annals of time, but I remain confident that what we have put together will be the vehicle for new growth while also being the difference between another year and an exceptional year for our clients.

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