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Announcing Project 365

Announcing Project 365

As the holiday season swings into full-force, my colleagues and I at O3 have decided to initiate a charity project. As much as we’d love to, this project won’t be a food or toy drive, or any other kind of monetary service. Instead, this initiative will focus on refacing a helping charity in the Triangle by doing what we do best—design, development and branding.

Something I’ve always wanted to do was perform a year-long design “case study” for a non-profit—an organization that provides selfless services, yet doesn’t have the financial resources to invest in high-end graphic design. Before now, it’s always just been a pipe dream. I’d always find a way to justify not being able to do it. What happens if I get too busy? How would I put a pro-bono project in my queue of paid-projects? Would I be able to balance the work in an effective manner?

When I joined O3 in April, I joined a team who, like me, loves the Triangle. This is the place we live and where we plan on staying forever. This project, which we’re calling “Project 365”, is something I feel is something we can get done in 2012. Too often I find myself wanting to give back through my design skills but never doing it. Putting Project 365 on paper, or in this case typing it out, solidifies it. The entire O3 team is committed to this project.

We’ll be providing a complete brand book, a full custom website with development, and other marketing materials—everything a non-profit could visually use. And O3 will be doing this for absolutely free.

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