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Abraham Lincoln, Small Hands & Great Websites

Abraham Lincoln, Small Hands & Great Websites

Abraham Lincoln was once asked “How long do you think a man’s legs should be?” and he thoughtfully replied, “Long enough to reach the ground.” (Yes, more than 150 years of progress and politicians are now talking about hand size, but I digress.)

Questions like, “What should our website cost?”, “Is WordPress right for our site?”, or “Which e-commerce solution should we choose?” often start the conversation with us. With a website development project, our answer is always the same, “We don’t know yet.”

We need to find out where the ground is first. If a web development firm was able to deliver a full scope of a project after an initial phone call, chances are you are purchasing a service branded as tailored, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our process always starts with research and discovery. Always. What we collectively learn from this process is a holistic view of your organization, goals, unique qualities, target audience, and competition. By starting with a blank slate, the information uncovered through the discovery process informs all future strategy and decision making, without bias or assumptions.

We gain valuable insight into your audience and how to communicate with them while we uncover the specific opportunities for your business. Additionally, our team gets a clear picture of your goals and expectations.

This Discovery Report will become the vehicle that will align all members of our team and yours together on a cohesive go-forward strategy. The proprietary Discovery Report covers your brand, the competition, and your audience in depth. The report includes a ton of data culled from a wide array of sources, including everything from Google Analytics to target audience interviews, that we turn into actionable recommendations.

Once the Discovery process is complete, only then do we set out to build your website. All of our websites are hand-crafted from the ground up resulting in a presence that not only looks great, but also delivers real, measurable ROI. Because we take this step, we synthesize the information gathered into truly unique digital experiences. The Discovery process also allows us to push the envelope when it comes to creative, fueled by informed strategy that will drive us to exactly what your audience is looking for.

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