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4 High Flying Raleigh Startups

4 High Flying Raleigh Startups

Raleigh has become a hotbed for startups. In fact, a recent report declared that aside from Silicon Valley and San Francisco, Raleigh is the number one spot for tech startups in the country. We decided to do a little digging and research some of the most promising startups in our city.

Akili Software

Akili - Simply. Smarter. Software. Startup in Raleigh NC

Raleigh-based Akili Software develops web and mobile applications for the home care community. Started in 2014 by two female entrepreneurs, the company launched a new technology called Savii Care—a web-based platform that simplifies data entry and paperwork for the home care community. They attribute their success to listening to home care professionals and creating a product based on their needs. Savii Care is a user-friendly technology, serving caregivers and the companies that employ them. Akili is based in HQ Raleigh, a local tech incubator.


Castr. It's Magic. Citrix Start up in Raleigh NC

Lugging your laptop and cables to meetings can be a hassle. A new Raleigh startup has the answer: Castr. Castr is a little device that allows you to take your presentations anywhere. It’s equipped with every port you could possibly need, including HDMI, VGA and DVI. From Raleigh to Romania, Castr allows you to stream from any device to any display. Plus, it has a built-in battery so you can present for up to 10 hours. Castr is a two-person company that is backed by powerhouse, Citrix.


JoosyCloud startup in Raleigh NC

JoosyCloud is a Raleigh-based startup that improves the user experience for online video watchers, gamers, and music listeners. Changing the way content is delivered online, JoosyCloud takes the load off by distributing it directly between users. The result is less of a load on the CDN and a better experience for you. Each viewer acts as a server so the more watchers there are, the bigger the network gets. If they can’t improve your experience, it will simply fall back on the content delivery network. To make sure your data is secure, JoosyCloud uses industry standard encryption.


WedPics The #1 Photo & Video App for Your Wedding Startup in Raleigh NC

WedPics is a free app that allows you to access all of the photos from your wedding in one place. If your Aunt Edna took photos, they’ll be on WedPics. If your best friend and your cousin’s step dad’s golf buddy took pictures, they’ll all be on WedPics. This free app makes it easy to organize and have all of the photos that you need without the use of disposable cameras or giant DSLRs and their accessories. This startup began with 13 employees in a Raleigh home and is now the #1 photo and video sharing wedding app.

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