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2016: The Year We Became Walk West

2016: The Year We Became Walk West
It’s cliche to talk about the wild and crazy events and changes of 2016, but for us, change has been our reality. Change is challenging — from rebranding to relocating —  but with the high stakes come high rewards. 2016 will forever be cemented in our company’s history as  the year we transformed into Walk West, full-service digital agency. Hear firsthand how the past year has shaped and been shaped by the people who helped make Walk West happen.

“In many ways Walk West has changed dramatically in the last year. We have moved offices, changed names, hired a dozen new employees. Yet, at it’s heart, Walk West hasn’t changed much at all. Since I joined the team, Walk West has been about providing products that are different. Quality and purpose have been key to what we do everyday. I take pride in working with a group that doesn’t just build websites. We provide digital influence to each of our clients.” –Matthan

“It’s been another full calendar year already — amazing how quickly time flies. The year 2016 has probably been one of the most tumultuous years in a while, but don’t let the internet memes fool you. For our part, the year 2016 is the year Walk West came out in full force: with a new name, awesome brand, and a powerhouse of brilliant individuals. This year has seen an abundance of growth, fruitful experiences, and memorable clients I call friends. Here’s to another year at Walk West.” –Jose

“Nothing is the same from when I started back in the summer of 2015. Since day one at Walk West, originally O3, I knew this place was different, but I had no idea how much change was coming our way. This team has been through so much together. We’ve moved from our scrappy little office that we were embarrassed to bring clients to, patiently waited for our amazing project managers to get hired, experienced an explosion of client growth that demanded new hires on a weekly basis, and finally, we brought on two new agency partners. Our history is in the making each day when we walk into the office. It’s exciting to see the commitment and passion that comes from our team simply wanting to create the most collaborative and vibrant digital marketing agency in the Triangle, and beyond.” –Casey

“A year ago I started working at a small agency called O3 Creative. That same agency would double (almost triple) in size over the next year, rebrand, and grow to have significant influence in the Raleigh digital space. When Brian Onorio founded Walk West in 2007, his vision was to cultivate an agency for innovating and launching new ideas, and to create a work environment where people are excited to come to work. His vision has now become a reality. I am delighted to be a part of and grow with Walk West. It has been inspiring to watch every person in our company flourish and collaborate to become a unified team. Walk West will continue to grow, the products produced will become more groundbreaking, and the people will continue to become more talented. But, one thing we will never outgrow is the family-like mentality that has existed at Walk West since its founding.” –Meredith

“As I approach my one year anniversary here at Walk West in a couple of days, it is hard to believe that I am considered a veteran here. I have watched this company double in size over the past year, and I have witnessed extreme growth not only in our numbers, but our talent as well. I am so proud to be a part of what we are creating, and as we enter into 2017, I am encouraged by our progress and excited by our future. There is definitely beauty in the fact that we are a younger company. Walk West is our baby, and we are actively witnessing it mature and develop each and every day.” –Kristina

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