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Coleen Kinen-Ferguson

Copywriter & Social Strategist

As Walk West’s Copywriter & Social Strategist, Coleen is responsible for writing content that leaves an impression—blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, website copy, and more.

She crafts compelling and action-driven content designed to drive results. A content expert with a diverse portfolio of clients, projects and outcomes, Coleen helps her clients stand out wherever they are. Whether it’s within the catchy title of an email marketing campaign or an in-depth and knowledgeable blog series on a niche topic, her expertise lends itself well to Walk West’s track record of creating inspiring work that leaves an impact.

With an extensive background in copywriting, content creation, and SEO, Coleen is highly skilled at taking any topic or idea and turning it into innovative, engaging campaigns that drive results. Her repertoire of content includes paid search campaigns, social media copy, informative blog content, ROI-focused email marketing, newsletter copy and more.

When she’s not writing, editing, or researching for Walk West, you’ll likely find her roller skating or playing video games.