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Finally, You Can Opt Out of Receiving the Yellow Pages: Here's How

[lead]Well,  that’s it, Yellow Pages. You’ve tried reinventing yourself. YP. Very cute. We hope the whole Internet thing is working out for you because there’s finally an opt-out for receiving the hard copy yellow pages that usually go straight from my porch to my recycle bin in a matter of 10 seconds. Now I don’t have to waste the 4 calories. Trees everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief.[/lead]
If you would like to opt yourself out, you can do so by visiting the National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site (great name). But don’t try it right now. Apparently, so many people find the Yellow Pages a massive waste of paper that the website is currently overloaded and isn’t serving.

This should come as a dire warning to those of you still wasting your money on the Yellow Pages. STOP! Everyone who becomes aware of this opt-out will surely be opting out. Put your money elsewhere, like a nice brand new website!

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