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Our Diversity


Entire Company

  • 21–30
  • 31–40
  • 41–50
  • 51+

Gender & Ethnicity

Entire Company

  • Caucasian Men
  • Caucasian Women
  • Ethnically Diverse Men
  • Ethnically Diverse Women

Gender & Ethnicity

Directors & Executives

  • Caucasian Men
  • Caucasian Women
  • Ethnically Diverse Men
  • Ethnically Diverse Women

Why Is Diversity & Inclusion Important To Us?

We have only walked in our own shoes, lived our own experiences through our own eyes. It’s vital to have diverse people around you, not only to explore how others interpret various issues, but then to be willing to learn from it.

Melanie Sanders
Director, Video Production

People should be treated equally, no matter their gender, ethnicity, or ability. At Walk West, not only are we incorporating inclusion and digital equity into our work, but also into our culture as well. And that has lasting impact, both on us as employees and the community we serve.

Robert Povelones
Senior Developer

D&I is important to me because despite my qualifications, I am a black female who has struggled to be recognized in management conversations most of my professional career. I value working in an organization where I can be my full self and the quality of my work determines the level of my success.

Kristie Jones-Davis
VP, Operations

It’s one thing to get a seat at the table, but if you can’t or won’t share your vision, the whole organization is missing out. I love working with teams to ensure all viewpoints and voices are heard, regardless of hierarchy.

Sharon Delaney McCloud
VP, Professional Development

Since I recently just moved to North Carolina, it is important to me that Walk West prioritizes D&I so everyone, including myself, can feel accepted in their work environment, but also get to meet and socialize with new and exciting people.

Flora Marchi
Junior Brand Experience Designer

It’s important we prioritize diversity and inclusion because we all have blindspots that are easy to ignore. Our clients challenge us to bring thoughtful, well-rounded solutions to the table. And that’s impossible unless we’re seeing both a problem and a solution through all lenses.

Brian Onorio
Founder & CTO

Diversity & Inclusion at Walk West

  • 94%
    94% of our employees believe we are committed to diversity
  • 89%
    89% of our employees believe we provide a free and open environment to express ideas, opinions and beliefs
  • 94%
    94% of our employees believe we respect individuals and value their differences
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Multicultural Marketing

Successful business relies on one thing—communication. We communicate to sell, to build partnerships, to teach, to earn support and to hire. Our society has grown increasingly diverse, and if trends continue, culturally diverse groups will make up the societal majority by 2040. By learning to speak to a diverse audience, you can broaden your reach and transfer your message to more people.

Performance Marketing

Stop Talking About Diversity Only During Black History Month

The Diversity Movement was founded in late 2019 by Jackie Ferguson, Donald Thompson, Kurt Merriweather, Sharon Delaney McCloud, and Kaela Kovach-Galton, 5 innovators from within Walk West who are passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). By January of 2021, The Diversity Movement employed 12 full-time staff members, had a portfolio of over 30 clients, and was designated a minority-owned and independent business. Walk West provided The Diversity Movement with the launching pad they needed to rocket into full-time DEI work, and they’ve grown exponentially as a result.


Our team encompasses many additional types of diversity, apart from race, gender and generation, such as neurodiversity, experiential diversity, disability and more.

We at Walk West strive to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all.