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Are You ADA Compliant?

Roughly 90% of websites in the US are not ADA compliant. Is yours?

What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility ensures that people of all abilities can navigate, understand, and fully participate with digital experiences. This includes websites, mobile applications, video, and all other forms of online content.

  • 20% of Americans cannot access digital media
  • 92% of the most popular federal websites fail to meet basic standards for accessibility
  • 2.2b people globally are blind or have a visual impairment

Why It Matters

  1. Reduce Your Risk

    Preventing people with disabilities from using your website is unlawful discrimination. Over 26,000 Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits are filed each year.

  2. Grow Your Business

    Prioritizing accessibility is not just the right thing to do – it’s also good for your business. Over $175 billion in revenue is missed because of accessibility issues on websites.

  3. Build Your Brand

    Website accessibility is an imperative. Many who are differently abled can’t fully access your current digital content. Improve your brand experience by making it accessible for all.

How We Can Help

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1) Audit

We use automated technology and partner with tech experts who are visually impaired to make sure all digital content is accessible.

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2) Report

After our audit, we create a comprehensive list of issues found on your website.

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3) Remediate

Our developers and digital accessibility experts help solve all compliance issues found on your site. Additionally, we use SEO and design best practices to make sure your site is high functioning on every level.

Test Your Site’s Accessibility

Enter your URL for a free accessibility scan. This audit will quickly determine if your website meets basic legal standards.
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According to WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines, there were passes and violations. Contact us below for more information on how to improve your score!

Make Sure Your Content is Accessible

Be sure you’re not at risk of violating ADA Compliance.