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Walk West is a place where there’s no limit to the power of an idea. We took a home-baked application from an office tool to a fully functioning, spin-off brand.


Doing things differently is easy to say but harder to do. As an agency, we used the same marketing proposal software as everyone else: a formatted PDF or Powerpoint. Where else is the impact of being different as large than at the point of sale? So we took our proposals online as a digital experience to validate that we could do everything we said we would. Then the magic happened.


Initially, we designed and built a new client proposal platform we called The Proposal Engine. Using it as a back-office tool, we began delivering client proposals on our new platform. Then we started closing business…a lot of it. Many of our prospects-turned-clients began to ask a question that we’d hear repeatedly: “What proposal software do you guys use? We loved the proposal you sent us.” After undergoing extensive market research, Proposa went into research and development.

MVP to Launch

Our team took the plans for an MVP and went to work. After a few months of iterations and go-to-market planning, Proposa officially moved into beta in January of 2018 and exited beta in June of that same year.

  1. Application Development Application Development

    Walk West’s in-house development team built the infrastructure that would power Proposa from prototype to deployment.

  2. Brand Experience Brand Experience

    Meaningful user experience is easier said than done. Proposa became a best-in-class platform for user adoption.

  3. Video Production Video Production

    From demo videos to animated shorts, Walk West built the communications plan from scratch.

  4. Rapid Prototyping Rapid Prototyping

    Agile methodology quickly produced a working prototype for market testing.

  5. Paid Media Paid Media

    Hyper-targeted audiences across paid search yielded plenty of beta users and beyond.


Proposa represents more than just a meaningful client platform or successful rapid prototyping model. It embodies the entrepreneurial ethos of Walk West as a company.

  • 6 Month MVP timeline
  • 250 Customers in 6 months
  • 15K MRR in 6 months

“As an agency that believes in truly innovative thinking, it is imperative that we are exemplifying our high-standards in everything we do. When we realized standard presentation platforms were too obvious, we knew we needed to change the game,” said Brian Onorio, Founder, Walk West. “That’s where Proposa came in. A sincere representation of our entrepreneurial spirit.”

Brian Onorio,
Founder, Walk West