Incline Equity Partners

Incline Equity Partners isn’t your typical private equity firm. In an industry that can be considered cold and rigid, Incline wanted to show off their corporate culture and personality. That we can work with.

The Challenge

Pittsburgh-based Incline Equity Partners is not your typical private equity firm. Their team originally came to us in 2016 for production assistance on their annual Christmas video. As we got to know their team and their capabilities, the more apparent it became that their marketing didn’t reflect their brand personality.  Being an outgoing, passionate, and fun company within a stereotypically stodgy industry—we saw an incredible opportunity to not only help them shine, but change the face of private equity as a whole.


The Solution

We began with a social media playbook to explore their brand personality and voice in the digital space.  Once we established their feeling and tone, we mapped their B2B personas with social media channels and objectives. Our plan provided a roadmap for content types, platform strategy, cadence, and recommendations for additional refreshes. From the playbook, we created a new website where the brand personality was reflected in creative and new video cuts. Walk West also launched their social media channels with engaging campaigns, bringing engagement to their brand both on and offline. To support the launch, we developed new email templates, collateral materials, and paid media creative.

The Result

Within a few short months, we saw an increase in web traffic across the board, including an average time on site of over 3 minutes and nearly 5 page visits per session. By better optimizing their website on mobile, we saw mobile traffic increase by 56% and tablet use by 78%. Top referral sites included new social media channels launched as part of our brand refresh. Twitter also saw over 39K earned impressions with increased engagement across all channels. Communicating their true brand personality was well-received by their leadership team as well as by their partners across the industry.

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