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Valonda Calloway

Content Strategist

The Exclamation Point!

As a Content Strategist at Walk West, Valonda crafts messages for clients that are shared internally, on social media and beyond. Valonda is a veteran TV personality and she also uses her experience to train executives in best practices for on-camera presentation.  

Before joining Walk West, Valonda worked as a television and radio news anchor, reporter and host in Washington, DC and in North Carolina. She covered everything from presidential elections to hurricanes to the North Carolina State Fair. Valonda’s goal then and now is to place stories of people, places and things in the proper context. 

You’ve probably seen Valonda on a TV or computer screen. In addition to her work at Walk West, she is the Spokesperson for University Ford, and a freelance TV Host for Fox 50 and The North Carolina Lottery. Valonda is also an actor and in 2020 appeared in worldwide online commercials for Aflac. 

How does Valonda #ForgeAhead: Roll with it or get rolled over. Change is constant and learning how to be flexible has helped me survive and thrive.