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Rommel Cinco

Honorary VP, Culture

The Agency Enthusiast.

Honorary VP of Culture, Rommel Cinco supports our North Carolina headquarters from the West Coast by offering the Walk West team his expertise in productivity and organization to ensure all departments align with the overall vision of the agency.

Rommel is a 20-year advertising veteran known for building brands and increasing agency profitability. He has worked for multiple award-winning agencies like Ogilvy & Mather and TBWA Chait/Day where he worked with the likes of American Express, Lexus and Wells Fargo. He is certified in social media marketing and web analytics from UCLA.

When Rommel is not managing award winning campaigns, you can find him crushing a Crossfit class, maybe even at the box ‘Cinco’, named after him.

How Does Rommel #ForgeAhead: Don’t give a client what they want, give them what they never dreamed possible.