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Mikaela Kovach-Galton

Strategy Associate

The Methodical Organizer.

As a Strategy Associate, Kaela Kovach-Galton supports our strategy and discovery team by conducting thoughtful market research including persona development and client interviews. She brings her structured project management skills to every piece of business she touches at Walk West and manages many internal projects such as our Diversity and Inclusion movement.

In her time at Duke University, Kaela played an integral role in conducting research in the Identity and Diversity Lab and the Eating Disorder Research Laboratory. She credits  her skills in communication and analytical thinking to her time as a Senior Clinical Research Specialist.

In true Blue Devil form, Kaela spends her time out of the office watching Duke basketball or hanging with her niece and nephew in Cary.

How does Kaela #ForgeAhead: By breaking problems down to their basic components and tackling projects one step at a time.