Mary McLean

Content Specialist

The Local Expert.

Mary is a Raleigh native and knows the best place in the city for everything from stand-up paddle-boarding (Lake Johnson) to Cuban sandwiches (Oakwood Cafe). As a Content Specialist, Mary is always wanting to learn more. So much so, her stretch goal is to learn from each of her colleagues at Walk West. She shares, “My coworkers here have such a depth of knowledge in different departments that I want to take advantage of to become more well-rounded and improve my high-level thinking.” Little known fact (until now) Mary DJ’d a weekly radio show under the moniker Emcee Lean while studying English at UNC Greensboro. We’ll have to ask her where the best place in Raleigh is to find Emcee McLean.

How does Mary #ForgeAhead: Cuts through the clutter to help our clients say what they really mean.