Kurt Merriweather

VP, Strategy & Transformation

The Future of Reality TV.

VP of Strategy, Kurt Merriweather encourages his clients and colleagues to think differently in everything they do. By practicing what he preaches, he has turned Discovery into the core of how we work at Walk West. A proud graduate of THE Ohio State University (and oh yeah, we should probably mention that he also has an MBA from Stanford), Kurt insists his life is a reality show that just isn’t on TV yet. If you heard him telling stories in his comfy office chairs, you’d understand why. Speaking of those comfy office chairs, Kurt wants to bring his dream of owning a jazz cafe to life by giving his office a jazz cafe vibe. He’s truly that cool. Hopefully it will make an appearance on “Hanging with the Merriweathers” some day.

How does Kurt #ForgeAhead:

More About Kurt

With over 20 years of experience leading strategy, product marketing and business development, Kurt expertly guides companies to growth through roadmaps built from data and insight.

Kurt grew up in Dayton, OH and attended The Ohio State University, majoring in Electrical Engineering, and serving as president of the National Society of Black Engineers during his time on campus. Shortly thereafter, he transitioned to Stanford Graduate School of Business, with a focus on strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship. His involvement with Stanford GSB’s Black Business Students Association furthered his passion and commitment to help students of color navigate larger institutions in order to be successful.

Seeking a practical application for a “new kind” of digital agency, Kurt saw the unique leadership skills, tenacity and vision of Brian Onorio, and the opportunity to build a digital agency from the ground up with the team of digital experts Brian had carefully curated. Joining forces with Walk West enabled Kurt to contribute to a high performing team, create structure from ambiguity, and fuel his passion for continuous learning, improvement and excellence.

Kurt has worked for some real heavy-hitters (Discovery, AOL, Procter & Gamble), linking business strategy to marketing strategy, leading multidisciplinary teams, nurturing strategic partnerships, and developing new market opportunities.

What Kurt Is Saying

To #ForgeAhead Kurt: Paying attention to cues and always thinking about how to do something new.