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Kayla Moore

Account Supervisor

Kayla loves to understand the whys behind all the things, approaching all projects, clients, and experiences with contagious energy, curiosity, empathy, and care.  

It’s because of this sense of curiosity that she’s spent her professional years in client services and problem-solving focused roles. Kayla’s desire to make someone’s life a little easier and a little better has translated into eight years in the service industry, six in the tech and wellness space, and three in the agency world. She listens closely to clients to uncover their real goals and problems in order to build impactful solutions together. 

Kayla’s superpower is that she knows how to set the mood – usually with a joke at her own expense. Her favorite way to unwind is with a glass of red wine, both dogs on her lap, and a movie she’s seen a bajillion times. 

How does Kayla #ForgeAhead: By always having a good to-do list (or 8), with as much context as she can possibly find, and by creating magical spaces and moments for herself and everyone around her.