CRM Implementation

Connecting your business critical system isn’t just a time-saver. We’re seasoned in understanding user behavior and interaction and turning those interactions into meaningful data streams between applications. Conversions stream seamlessly into leads. Sales are tracked, managed, boxed, and shipped. It all starts here.

Smart Approach to CRMs

At Walk West, we don’t have a preferred choice of a CRM (customer relationship manager). We take a decidedly agnostic approach to CRMs. What we do ensure is that your CRM is implemented in a way that matters to your business. Each time. Every time. We’re experienced working with an array of platforms including HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, and more. If there’s an API, we can work with it.


Synchronized Data

Data synchronization allows you to know and understand user behavior to help drive engagement between you and your customers. Without this synchronization, your task becomes much more difficult having to reconcile multiple data sets into a singular set of conclusions. Our team is experienced with this type of synchronization and have a data analytics team to help understand the insights that your users are providing you.

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