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In an age where the spoken word is quickly being replaced by digital conversations, it’s crucial to develop strong communication and presentation skills to make your mark. Our professional development team conducts trainings with corporate groups and individuals from a variety of industries, to help them improve how they communicate in business, in front of a group, with the media, and with each other.

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Who We Are

The training team at Walk West is led by Sharon Delaney McCloud and Melanie Sanders. Together, they have a combined 40 years of experience as Emmy Award-winning television journalists, and can make you look like a pro with everything from on-camera training to polishing up your presentation skills.

Working in the news industry, each encountered different situations every day, and were expected to perform under strict deadlines, regardless of the high pressure environment. From equalizing newsroom politics to covering real-life politics, the Walk West training team has the communication skills necessary to remain professional in any circumstance.

By turning a valuable formula into a professional development curriculum, Melanie and Sharon extend this authentic expertise to company leaders and their teams, in all facets of business communication.

  1. On-Camera Training On-Camera Training

    There are countless opportunities to incorporate video into how you market your company, attract new customers and promote your services.

  2. Public Speaking & Presentation Training Public Speaking & Presentation Training

    Learning to master the art of public speaking can be daunting to many. Don’t let the presentation take away from the value of your important message.

  3. Media Training Media Training

    Whether you’re preparing for interviews with the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Businessweek, or the local media, we can make you shine.

  4. Workplace Communication Workplace Communication

    Communication is crucial for leaders. It’s the key to both success and failure, and making or breaking relationships, teams and organizations.

  5. Executive Presence for Women Executive Presence for Women

    Do you have executive presence? How do you define it? Can you develop it? These are all factors today’s leaders must consider.

Better Interviews, Better Presentations, Better You

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