Social Media Strategy

The world is social. It makes sense for your brand to have a present and effective social voice. But a real social strategy is more than just a tweet or a post. It’s about connecting with people and doing so that is genuine and authentic. We can help you deliver that voice.

Relationship Building

Our approach to social media doesn’t take shortcuts.  At Walk West, we believe social media drives customer relationships and empowers advocates.  Thoughtful attention and planning goes into our development of your social voice, content planning, and campaign opportunities to connect the right people to your brand. There is a delicate balance to engaging your audience and using social media to grow your bottom line. Our strategists and content creators walk that tightrope with ease, ensuring your brand is always genuine and conversational. As the social landscape evolves, we stay nimble to algorithm changes, new features, and technology.

Our Process

We recognize not everyone’s social media needs are the same.  We offer scalable social media services, from ongoing monthly community management to fully-integrated marketing campaigns, including influencer marketing, video distribution, promotions, live event coverage, and social media ad buys.  Our team has a range of experience running social media for some of the biggest brands in the world, down to local small businesses.

We start by understanding your brand and how to best connect with consumers through our Social Media Playbook. We work with your team to develop your social voice, tone, and values and couple those with your target personas to create a content plan.  The Social Media Playbook also gives a game plan on channel priorities, posting cadence, content types, and goal setting for a full calendar year.  Walk West believes in being channel agnostic. We take time to understand where the conversations are happening and make your brand a part of them.

Collaborative Flexibility

We offer several ways to deploy your Social Media Playbook, from training and consulting, all the way up to day-to-day community management for your brand, depending on your needs.  Our flexibility and customized approach acts as a puzzle piece within your organization to be most useful. With any approach, we provide monthly content planning, goal tracking, and consistent optimization recommendations.

Let's Be Real

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