Public Affairs
public affairs

Public Affairs

In an industry not known for change, we take a different approach combining digital support to traditional issue advocacy.

Changing long-owned opinions. Educating about complex issues. Keeping conversations going when hot topics lose their heat. These are all tough tasks, but that’s exactly what our Government and Public Affairs practice does every day.

Make Your Voice Heard

We believe everyone deserves a voice, but it’s important to make sure yours is worth hearing. Whether making your case face-to-face with legislators, through the media, via an influencer network or to the millions of people we can effectively reach on social media, the message needs to be clear, concise, timely and accurate.

Know Your Audience

Just like with marketing or web design, the most important part of the process is understanding the audience. Not only how they feel about an issue but also why. Voters or legislators can be for or against an issue for a lot of different reasons. To be successful, we need to know the motivations of both sides in order to craft impactful messaging to build support or pre-empt the opposition.  

Lobbying Takes Experience

Following a campaign-style approach to lobbying, we have represented a diverse portfolio of clients before the North Carolina General Assembly on issues in healthcare, energy, insurance, financial lending, education and automotive industries. Along with experience on issues faced by non-profits, associations and local and county governments.