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To us, marketing goes beyond a cool looking website and a lot of Likes on a social post.

The Marketing Funnel

We believe that everything done both online and off are inextricably linked. From the website to social media to search to a live event, our end-game is to persuade or sell. We build awareness, compete for consideration, provide the why to buy and create a low-friction path to purchase. But our job is far from done at the bottom of the funnel when someone votes or clicks the buy button.

As part of our approach, we know that after purchase we must engage the customer during and after trial and use so that we can inspire an online review or peer recommendation. From there, we try to build a brand advocate. Continuing to market and communicate after the sale only makes our job easier at the top of the funnel as we work to build awareness. A recommendation from a friend, even on social media, is a lot less expensive and more powerful than any form of paid advertising.

The tools in our marketing toolbox:

What’s Measured is Managed

Our job isn’t over at launch, it’s only starting. We measure all marketing activities so we have a clear picture of how the world is reacting to what we’ve produced. With the data we collect we’re able to optimize websites for increased conversions, post the right content at the right time and create efficiencies in media buys. Optimization is the real challenge and it’s where our clients get the big wins.