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How do you create a winning digital strategy without a playbook?

Before beautiful design, killer code, compelling content or magic meta descriptions, we do a ton of research. We take an in depth look at your business, your competitors and your customers. We ask a bunch of questions, interview real people and explore your key audiences from many different angles. This process reveals a holistic view of your company and your marketplace. It guides our marketing recommendations and plans without assumptions — anchored by clearly researched propositions.

How We Do It

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your content, social media and digital acquisition channels in reaching key audiences.
  • Investigate competitors in the marketplace to identify content gaps and opportunities to better tell your story.
  • Perform a digital SWOT Analysis to gauge your strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats.
  • Construct target messaging to drive the user/buyer journey using Walk West’s incisive audience research methodology.
  • Outline recommendations needed to execute marketing tactics and messaging, create content and develop the necessary digital solutions.

Discovery Reveals the Truth

We believe that there are no cookie-cutter answers or templated shortcuts to finding insights to advance your business. Our collaborations with our clients are vital as they do not just act as a source of information or knowledge to build a website or compile a social media strategy. They form the basis to discover breakthrough marketing solutions that are largely unknown at the outset.

It’s Only Good If It’s Actionable

We have all been involved in market research projects that cost a lot of money, get presented in a slick PowerPoint and then live on in a dusty flash drive trapped in a desk drawer for eternity. This is not that research project. Everything we do is actionable. Every Walk West team member relies on this document to craft your project — including strategy, design, development, and marketing. They are all involved in its creation. Because you have a hand in creating and shaping this plan – it becomes your blueprint that guides our work together. That way, everyone hears first-hand what they need to accomplish. The end result is a cohesive, strategic marketing roadmap that reaches client goals.