Sharon Delaney McCloud

Partner/VP, Professional Development
  1. Born to Irish immigrants, Sharon has the gift of gab. You might need to tell her to take a breath to get a word in.
  2. As a natural story teller (see #1), Sharon spent 20 years as an Emmy Award winning television news journalist before starting her own agency.
  3. Obsessive fan of all things Florida State University, where Sharon got her degree in Communication with minors in Music and Theater.
  4. Worked for the Department of Defense and traveled the world with the USO as part of an all-girl group, The Florida Girls.
  5. Racks up lots of mileage as a mom to two boys who busy themselves with wrestling matches, hip hop classes, and golf between epic games of Clue and Qwirkle.
Sharon Delaney McCloud

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