Michelle Perez

Account Coordinator
  1. Michelle is originally from Puerto Rico, and while she misses the beach and her family, she has loved living in North Carolina for the past 11 years.
  2. Her past work experience includes a little bit of everything: buying and planning media, event management, and client services. But no matter the role, she's always looking at the big picture to make sure all parts of a plan are working together to achieve their full potential.
  3. Michelle is the mom to two teenage boys and a dog named Cowspitter -- her son's childhood mispronunciation of "caterpillar" that was too special to forget.
  4. On the weekend, you might find her at Poole's Diner eating brunch, or exploring one of the many other restaurants Downtown.
  5. Whether its paintball, rock climbing, or kickboxing, Michelle is never afraid to try something new and have a good laugh at herself in the process.
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