Melanie Sanders

Director of Video Production
  1. Worked as a television news anchor and reporter for 20 years. Most recently in Raleigh, NC and before that in New Orleans, Mobile and Dothan AL, and Panama City, FL. Once a journalist, always a journalist.
  2. After being blessed with two sons, Melanie questioned her professional sacrifices for more family time. Her mother quoted Jackie O, "If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much." Words to live by.
  3. Can't imagine life without fur babies. My dogs are the only ones who greet me at the door.
  4. Is completely addicted to HDTV's House Hunters International, Hawaii Life, Caribbean Life, and all shows about Island Life. Can you guess where I really want to live?
  5. Refuses to pay someone to do something I can do myself. I'm a DIY kinda gal.
Melanie Sanders headshot