Max Fenske

Business Development
  1. Born and raised in South Dakota, Max made stops in Arizona and San Diego before finally settling down in the the Tar Heel State three years ago.
  2. His passion for helping businesses tell their stories in unique and engaging ways led him to Walk West, and he's already a pro at creating partnerships with our clients that go beyond the expected.
  3. Max lives in Chapel Hill with his girlfriend Lea and their two rescue Mutts, Bailey and Lucy. Bailey is able to "sing" on command, which impresses their guests every time.
  4. He has a lot of favorite foods, including sushi and steak. And acai bowls. Oh, and ice cream sandwiches. He's pretty much always hungry and somehow immune to brain freeze.
  5. Max received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Arizona, where he also played Division 1 Baseball as an outfielder. Bear Down!