Kierstin Geary

Marketing Specialist
  1. Kierstin earned her degree at UNC Wilmington and has worked/interned in marketing roles in Raleigh, Wilmington and the United Kingdom.
  2. While she misses living just four minutes from the beach, Kierstin was happy to relocate back to Raleigh, where she grew up.
  3. Has temporarily housed nine pups over the course of two years during her time as a foster dog mom. Now, to get her puppy fix, she spends her time volunteering at the local animal shelter.
  4. Born and raised a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, she once cried when QB Ben Roethlisberger had a season-ending injury.
  5. Is an unapologetic Harry Potter nerd and Will Ferrell fanatic.
Kierstin Geary

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